This section contains useful information for the home schools of children at Evelina London Children’s Hospital who are pupils or prospective pupils of Evelina Hospital School.

School can be a daunting or anxious experience for a small number of children; perhaps they have had difficulties at their home school. Our intimate hospital setting and high staff–pupil ratio provides many opportunities to see school from a different perspective.

Children with chronic medical conditions who have fallen behind with school work due to long periods of absence, often welcome the personal attention they are given.

Many use the opportunity to revise or catch-up on basic skills missed in their home school.

If the nurses say the child is able to attend, they can just come along to the school, which is on level three of Evelina London Children’s Hospital and complete a simple admission form.

If the child’s first school session is taught by the bedside, school staff will supply an admission form.

Medium and long-term patients attending school will be allocated a contact person “Keyworker” to liaise with the child’s home school. You will be able to discuss the learning needs of the child for example, send in school work, monitor progress and attendance.

If the child is with us for more than a week we will, with parent/carer permission, contact the child’s home school. Our staff will then tailor learning activities for the child that complement or mirror work being taught by the home school. We will have work sent from the home school to be done in hospital, or share the pupil’s progress at Evelina Hospital School with the home school.

Our teachers will also create opportunities to develop personal and social skills.

If the school has been advised that the child is likely to be in hospital for months, our teachers will discuss any special teaching requirements with the headteacher (for example, if the child requires one-to-one teaching assistant support throughout the school day, or a GCSE tutor in a subject not normally covered by the school’s teaching staff).

We are not an examination centre.  We however can work with schools on a case by case basis to accommodate the needs of long-term pupils. Please contact the child’s Link Worker for further information.

Children attending the hospital school can be registered as “educated off site” on their home school register. Longer term pupils will be “dual-registered”.

Please email the school office at  for an attendance report.

A link to our school’s policies and reports can be found here.