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Maths at Evelina Hospital School

How do we work on maths to reflect our school values? Well, here at Evelina Hospital School we recognise that maths is a beautiful subject. We also know that it is something many people find hard. We wanted to make sure we make maths accessible and fun as well as challenging and satisfying. To help us with this, we have started a joint project with an organisation called Nrich, which is an innovative collaboration between the faculties of Mathematics and Education at the University of Cambridge. Ems Lord, Nrich director, led our first session of staff development, and inspired us to work with activities that are engaging and easy to get started on, but which can lead to much more challenging maths for those who are at that stage. You can try out some of these activities on the free website, and notice the problem-solving skills you are using to complete the tasks. Have you used trial and improvement? Have you worked systematically? Have you use logical reasoning to explain or help someone else understand? Were you able to generalise and come up with an algebraic equation? Finally, if you take a look at the Nrich website, you will see the problems we have been working on, as well as examples of students’ work on these problems. You could have a go at one of our workshops on Wednesday afternoons or work on an electronic devise to have a go. Enjoy!