Remote Learning Information for long-term pupils and parents

Blended Learning

At Evelina Hospital School we are pioneers of blended learning (a mixture of online/remote learning and face to face teaching). This was being developed prior to the pandemic for pupils in restricted situations to access school sessions.

Teachers and Teaching Assistants support pupils onward with their online home-school learning. This is achieved through assisting them to access a wide range of Virtual Learning Environments or VLE’s that home schools are currently providing.

Evelina Hospital School supplements home-school remote learning with our own enriching and varied curriculum.

Evelina Hospital School’s partners livestream lessons from off-site locations through our IT infrastructure. For example Capital Kids Cricket(PE), Royal Academy of Culinary Arts,(cooking), Froginapan (storytelling), Singing Hands (sing and sign), RADiate Dance (movement). Equipment and ‘ward packs’ of ingredients are provided on the ground along with adult support. This is an example of blended learning in practice.

We are able to offer support for our long term pupils including allocating laptops from the Government Scheme in certain circumstances where young people do not have sufficient means to access VLE’s and other resources.

In the case of EYFS pupils are offered face-to-face teaching onwards.

Young people working on a non-subject specific curriculum are not always able to access remote learning. Face-to-face teaching is provided on ward in this instance.

The majority of the young people we work with are here in the hospital; however we do have provision in exceptional circumstances to remotely teach young people who are back home but shielding.

We act as an interface between pupils in hospital and their home school setting to support the offer from their home schools. We promote the use of free access online learning provision such as BBC and Oak National Academy, to supplement learning already on offer.

We strictly adhere to safe remote working practices as set out in Local Authority and Government Guidance.

If you wish to see a copy of our safeguarding addendum please contact the office on This is based on the guidance on LGFL for Safeguarding during remote learning and lockdowns.