Art Exhibition (12th – 18th July 2017)

Children’s Art at the Evelina Children’s Hospital School (ECHS)

Open to the public from 13 – 18 July at the Evelina Children’s Hospital School.

Art has an important place in the ECHS’s curriculum. We find that it usually engages the children and young people and at times our parents, who find it therapeutic and relaxing. Many chats, confidences and explorations of their own life situations happen whilst we work together completing an artistic task. Here at the ECHS we are immensely proud of the achievement of our pupils and very happy to showcase their work. Because children come and go and some only come for one day, you’ll find that many pieces are the products of collaborative work, and in some instances over weeks, and across all the areas of the school.

Other exhibits are created with guidance or adult support. With children who have profound and multiple disabilities, we support through using hand on hand methods. Most pieces were created completely independently. The exhibition‘s theme is “The World Around Us”. We have been inspired by different artists, including the likes of Gustav Klimt, Vincent van Gogh, Paul Klee, Amedeo Modigliani, Henri Matisse etc… We also worked on African silhouette art and on Adinkra prints. Our school has been fortunate enough to have had talented illustrators visiting us, including; Richy Chandler, Maja Sten, Jane Porter, Laura Carlin and Axel Scheffler. With Jane Porter the children were collaborating to create a book full of wonderful images, which we are very proud of. Another major inspiration to us is our wonderful nature surrounding us. The art pieces were created exploring and using various techniques, such as collage, painting, hand prints, tape resist, crayon resist, newspaper art, cut outs, multimedia and much more.

We hope that you will enjoy looking at the work and celebrating with us the creativity of our children.