Policies & Documents

This page includes a list of Evelina Hospital School policies, and links to Ofsted inspection reports of the school.


School policies:

Admissions policy 2023

Behaviour policy

Charging and remissions policy

Communication and assessment policy

Complaints procedure policy

Grievance policy

Reading policy

Relationships, Sex & Health Education

Single Equality Policy and Accessibility Plan

Special educational needs and disability (SEND) policy

Special educational needs and disability (SEND) Information Report

Whistleblowing Policy


Equality objectives

Each year we evaluate the progress made by pupils in relation to:

  • Special educational needs;
  • More able pupils;
  • Disadvantaged pupils;
  • Gender;
  • Ethnicity
  • English as an additional language

Where any group progresses lower we respond by considering interventions that support their relevant development.


Keeping Children Safe in Education Part 1 2023
Safeguarding policy 2023-2024
Staff Code of Conduct
Online Safety policy


Acceptable Use Policy and Agreement
Data Breach Policy
Data Protection Policy (including SAR appendix)
Freedom of Information Publication Scheme
Cookies Policy

Privacy Notices

Privacy Notice for Governors and Volunteers
Privacy Notice for Job Applicants
Privacy Notice for Pupils and Parents
Privacy Notice for Staff
Privacy Notice for Visitors and Contractors

Changes to Privacy Notices

We reserve the right to update the above notices at any time, and we will provide you with a new privacy notice when we make any substantial updates.  We may also notify you in other ways from time to time about the processing of your personal information.

Data Protection Officer (DPO)

We hope that the School Business Manager can resolve any query you raise about our use of your information in the first instance.  We have appointed a data protection officer (DPO) to oversee compliance with data protection and the privacy notices.  If you have any questions about how we handle your personal information which cannot be resolve by the School Business Manager, then you can contact the DPO on the details below:-

Data Controller Name:  Craig Stillwell, Judicium Consulting Ltd
Data Controller Details:  72 Cannon Street, London EC4N 6AE
Data Controller Email:  dataservices@judicium.com



Coronavirus (COVID-19) catch-up premium

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) catch up premium is intended ensure schools have the support needed to help all pupils make up for the lost teaching time.  We have used the funding to develop our remote blended learning and assessment:

We have purchased online maths intervention program that focuses on identifying maths gaps or maths developmental delays. It baselines the students using a selection of 647 test items derived from a combination of dyscalculia research and the UK national curriculum and then gives them a standardised score linked to their age. This assessment then automatically produces an individualised scheme of work that the students can complete online either independently or if requiring further intervention with the help of a professional with worksheets and lesson plans included.  Alongside this scheme of work, the data has enabled us to produce a targeted approach in activities the students can complete alongside the intervention program. We also intend to further expand this to cover the English curriculum.

PE and Sports Premiums:

PE and Sports Premium 2022-2023

PE and Sports Premium 2021-2022

Pupil Premiums:

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2022-2023


Ofsted Reports

School inspection report 2022

School inspection report 2017

School short inspection report 2013

School inspection report 2009

For more information, visit the Ofsted website.


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Gross Annual Salary No of school employees
≥ £100,000 1

Paper copies of all policies can be requested by contacting the school office:

Tel: 020 7188 2267
Email: office@evelina.southwark.sch.uk

We also have a formal complaints procedure. Please contact the school office for more information:

Tel: 020 7188 2267
Email: headteacher@evelina.southwark.sch.uk