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At Evelina we recognise that all young people not only have a statutory right to education, but also that this provision needs to be of the highest standard to enable pupils to access learning in a hospital setting.

We were therefore delighted to be designated as an Outstanding Provider  when Ofsted visited the school in June 2022. Below are some highlights that have been taken from the report:

  • Leaders and school staff have very high expectations for pupils. Pupils build their knowledge and skills while they are at the school, even if they are only at the school for a short time.
  • Behaviour at the school is exemplary. Pupils are used to the many adults who are around on the ward and they are polite and friendly.
  • Leaders have constructed a curriculum that is ambitious for all pupils. Teachers work hard and successfully tailor the curriculum for each individual pupil.
  • The curriculum meets the needs of pupils, including those with SEND, very well. The curriculum helps pupils to understand and manage their health and emotional needs as well as developing their academic knowledge.
  • Leaders and staff identify pupils with SEND quickly and work closely with the pupil’s home school to ensure that their needs are met.
  • Staff share their excellent subject knowledge across the team.
  • Leaders, including governors, know their school very well. They have an accurate picture of the school s strengths and what they want to improve next.

In any school, the safety and wellbeing of children is paramount. We were therefore glad that the inspection recognised that safeguarding underpins and influences everything the school does.

We look forward to building on our continued success as an outstanding school, since we provide pupils with a learning experience they are familiar with and many pupils choose to spend as much time as possible here.

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