Our curriculum is highly personalised and reflects the breadth and depth of the National Curriculum.  Our priority is to provide education tailored to each student’s personal journey and to motivate pupils to engage in learning, wherever it takes place.

We tailor the curriculum to address the particular needs and interests of each pupil so that they make excellent progress and have a positive experience in our school.

Since we work in small groups or one-to-one, we are uniquely placed to help children develop social, moral, spiritual and cultural awareness (known as SMSC), and to express themselves and engage in debate.

In Key Stage 1, we use the Twinkl phonics programme.

In Key Stages 4-5, we work closely with our students’ home schools and aim to support and match their topics and / or schemes of work.

Use the links below to access our curriculum map and sample timetable:

Curriculum Map

Sample Timetable (Spring 2022)

To find out more, please contact your child’s link teacher on 020 7188 2267.

Remote Learning

At Evelina Hospital School remote learning and innovative remote learning technologies are integral to our teaching offer and are embedded in our curriculum.

Prior to the Pandemic the school set up an online Microsoft Teams based community to meet the needs of young people being taught across the hospital who are sometimes learning in isolation. This technology allowed us to make a seamless transition when it was time for us to work remotely off-site during the Pandemic, allowing us to still deliver collaborative learning to our pupils.

Access to online learning resources, live stream teaching lessons, musical workshops and storytelling are just examples of pupils getting involved and experiencing peer-to-peer contact in circumstances where they would normally miss out. This boosts pupils’ mental health and well-being whilst in hospital and also promotes inclusion for children working at all levels. We were also pioneers of the ‘No Isolation Trial’ which was used for our pupils on Dialysis to maintain their learning link with their home schools, placing a robot link in the home-school classroom to interact with the class.

The school has a longstanding rotating programme of visiting external partners. With our remote learning offer we are able to link our cooking sessions in the classroom with our visiting chef to pupils isolated on ward. We bring PE & dance lessons to the bedside with the teacher linked via an iPad again for pupils isolated from classroom activity. This is an essential and important part of pupil experience here at Evelina Hospital School and promotes our sense of community, diversity and achievement for all. Remote Learning supports the aims of character education are supported by our inclusive curriculum which reflects the values of the school. Our diverse and decolonised curriculum aims to improve racial literacy for all.

In 2021 the Dialysis Nursing Staff nominated us for the prestigious Pearson Teaching Award for Engagement with our Dialysis pupils during the pandemic. This was only possible due to our remote learning offer.


Remote learning: Safeguarding and Support