Community Voice

Here is some feedback from pupils, families and colleagues on the work and impact of our school.

“I would like to come back to this school.”


“My son thoroughly enjoyed himself and used lots of equipment to help with this work.”


“I am really pleased today because my daughter got herself really involved in activities and she forgot completely her leg hurt.”


“Everyone has been very welcoming and the children have been fantastic.”

Visiting teacher

“Thank you so much for letting me come to your school when my little brother was very poorly in your hospital. You all made me feel very welcome and helped me with my learning. I did some very cool experiments and met some amazing people. Your school made it possible for me to stay with my mum and dad and brother while he was in hospital. Thank you so much.”


“I have gained so many unique experiences, everyone has been so kind, welcoming and helpful. I think it’s amazing that no child is limited or restricted by staff and your hard work clearly makes a huge impact on the children. The children are given endless opportunities and chances to excel and I will remember this experience throughout my teaching career.”

Student teacher

Welcome back to school. We are currently teaching on the hospital wards only.

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