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Evelina Hospital School recognised for their commitment to action and improvement in relation to race equality.

Congratulations to Evelina Hospital School who have been recognised nationally for their commitment to improving race equality and prioritising an inclusive culture where staff, students, parents and partners of all ethnicities are equally valued, by being awarded the silver level RACE Chartermark.

Developed by SSAT (the Schools, Students and Teachers  network) and Fig Tree International, the Race and Conscious Equality (RACE) Charter Mark is for schools, academies and colleges, both in the state and private sectors, in the UK who wish to demonstrate their commitment to action and improvement in relation to race equality in all aspects of their work as educators, employers and community leaders.

To achieve the charter mark Evelina Hospital School completed a comprehensive package of training for governors, senior leaders and middle leaders, and submitted an evaluation detailing their work towards equality so far and an action plan pledging their commitment to ongoing development in this area.

Angelina Idun, Director of Education, SSAT said:

“I am delighted that Evelina Hospital School has been awarded the silver RACE Charter mark. Their application and action plan clearly show a positive ethos and culture which champions and strives for conscious equality and inclusivity throughout the school community. We look forward to continuing to work with the school to see their strategic vision fully realised”

Ann Palmer, CEO, Fig Tree International said:

“I am absolutely delighted that Evelina Hospital School is receiving this recognition. This recognises their determination to make a difference, not only in their own school, but also in the local community. Evelina Hospital School has joined a great group of schools and colleges who are part of the RACE Charter Mark community. We applaud them for their work and aspirations to build a more inclusive society.”

We want to minimise the interruption and disruption caused by hospital treatment to young people’s education, so that academic progress and an interest in learning will continue as far as medical circumstances permit.

We are a value based school.

  • We value beauty: Beauty is a quality that runs through our work
  • We value childhood: Childhood is unique and precious
  • We value time: We make good use of time
  • We value social justice: All children have the right to be educated and to be heard

In order to do this, we aim to:

Provide personalised, challenging, enjoyable and innovative learning opportunities

Make learning an integral part of young people’s stays in hospital

Foster the values of friendship and perseverance

Prepare and empower pupils in the present and for the future

Support, nurture and value families and carers

Our motto is ‘School, Family, Community’ because we believe that working together is the best way to support children and young people. To make sure we have the knowledge and expertise we need to get the best for all our pupils, we work with an amazing group of internal and external colleagues who aim to help them thrive and grow. This includes making good links with home schools to make sure progress and outcomes are supported consistently.

We value diversity highly, and all staff, pupils and families are treated with equal respect. We believe that our school has much to gain from different abilities, languages, ages, backgrounds and cultures. We aim for our pupils to become active, compassionate and reflective citizens, and our staff model the respectful, collaborative and courteous behaviour we expect from pupils.

We understand the strain that children, young people and their families can come under when they are in hospital, and we believe that continued education is a central part of the recovery process. Pupils are given stimulating and challenging tasks and activities that build skills they can use at their home schools and beyond. We work flexibly to respond to our pupils’ differing needs and abilities as their health and wellbeing changes. Above all, we want our pupils to enjoy their education and become resilient learners.

Learning is a journey we all share, and we strive to continually improve every aspect of our practice through staff training and development. In this way we can be the lifelong learners we hope our pupils will become, and ensure an outstanding education and positive outcomes for all our pupils.

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