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iPad apps

A list of iPad apps that we use with pupils for interactive and online learning.


Grid Player – an assisted communication app.

You use either symbols or a qwerty keyboard to build sentences.


Uzu – described as a’ kinetic multi touch particle

visualiser’ but don’t let that put you off!

Tiny particles that whizz, spin
and splatter, like iron filings on a magnet, absorbing.

You can change the
colour, speed and directions of the particles.

Try just pressing a finger for a while, and see splendid whizzing particles flying from the finger tip.


Koi Pond – water sounds and friendly fish, great for

sustained concentration.

You can choose to add to the pond setting – try a
thunderstorm with raindrops on the water and thunder in the background.


Balls – harp sounds linked to moving paint balls that move around when dragged with a finger or nose.

The balls fall under gravity, rebound off the
sides and when they collide and create harmonious music.


Bloom – music plays as glowing balls gently bob around and make images as you make the balls move into abstract art images.

Part instruments, part composition and part art work.

Move the balls quickly and the tempo increases accordingly.


Bubbles Magic – simple luminous moving bubbles that pop when touched.

Drag fingertips across the screen to create more bubbles.

You can choose from a variety of backgrounds
on which to make bubbles and then pop them.

If you hold your finger on the bubble it gets bigger and bigger… and then goes pop.

Lots of cause and effect and tracking.