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Ofsted and Department for Education

At Evelina we recognise that all young people not only have a statutory right to education, but that this provision needs to be of the highest standard to enable pupils to access learning in a hospital setting. We were therefore delighted to be designated as an ‘Outstanding Provider’ when one of Her Majesties Inspectors, accompanied by a specialist Ofsted Inspector, visited the school in 2017. Below are some highlights from the different areas that OFSTED consider when inspecting schools.

As a school that aspires to equal educational opportunities for all, we were delighted by Ofsted noting that:

Leadership and management- There is a firmly embedded culture of high aspirations throughout the school…..Leaders are able to share their outstanding practice more widely because of the highly effective systems and procedures that exist within the school.

Personal development, behaviour and welfare- All adults have a very accurate understanding of pupils’ health, physical development and social and emotional needs, which they regularly review as part of multi-agency teams.

Teaching, learning and assessment- The curriculum for all phases and ages is broad and balanced. Teachers draw on the information provided by home schools but also carry out additional diagnostic assessments to agree aspirational targets for pupils to work towards.

Outcomes for Pupils- A new management information system has ensured that all staff now have easy access to pupil records and assessment information. This allows them to tailor learning activities for every child as part of their daily planning.

In any school, the safety and well-being of children is paramount. We were therefore glad that during the inspection it was recognised that safeguarding underpins and influences everything that the school does.

We look forward to building on our continued success as an outstanding school, since the school provides pupils with a learning experience that they are familiar with and many choose to spend as much time as possible there.

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